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In MapleStory 1, some people felt that progression was slow, so they would go on personal servers to speed up things. In general, the degree progression is truly fast. Really quickly. Basically getting to level fifty will take. However, the gap there is MapleStory 2 has MapleStory2 Mesos. Once you complete of the epic quests in the story, you truly reach maximum level.

But the matter is we have courses, and the main story is shared among all the courses. So, players that worked on their initial one [personality ], we don't want them to undergo the same story for the classes. We're creating ways to level up. That means you may just, grind, or go fishing, etc.. XP is dispersed into all of these, anything you would like to do.

Can you talk into the localization procedure? When you think about localization, you have a tendency to consider dialog sequences in RPGs and getting phrases across and interpretations of certain idioms in various languages. But specifically for MapleStory, what would be the unique challenges? Is it heavy on dialog, or is it in design?

Because MapleStory is an MMORPG, it's a lot of text. And since we're translating it into so many languages, for example specific languages like German are extremely long, trying to fit that to the existing UI is very difficult. And we also carry a whole lot of VO [voiceovers] in the sport, so having all the files ready at the time, lining up the actors and the studio time, it's all very planning-heavy. We definitely need to work together with the devs on getting game assets, voice files, and all of that. And this was a very good collaboration because they were able to fix a lot of this, and the amount of text paths we have is about half of what is in MapleStory 1, which, again was in service for thirteen years.

I began my career at Nexon, however for a couple of years I went to work for other companies, and generally people [Nexon] spend a lot in localization. We have a very strong group, and Official Site their process is copy editing-heavy. What we've seen from a number of those matches that we've serviced in the past was essentially, outsource and localize and just put it in the match. Though we expend a lot of money to translate everything, the translation is kind of cluttered. We have a copy editing team which plays the game to ensure the narrative feels right.

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