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nike trainers mens black The Air Max 95 completely shook up the look of the Air Max line. The broad swoosh was replaced by a subtle logo hit near the ankle, and visible air units were included at the forefoot, too. But it was the layered upper and its gradient effect that made it so appealing. And that neon pop on the original Air Max 95 caught everyone's attention.

nike trainers white 2019 The Air Max 97 was a space ship when it first debuted 20 years ago. Back then, the sneaker's design was a radical combination of curved lines and reflective colors, anchored by one massive Air bubble sole. Like many of Nike's designs, the shoe was inspired by industrial design, specifically that of the Japanese bullet trains Nike designer Christian Tresser loved so much (which is why this model quickly became known as Nike's Silver Bullet).

nike trainers black and gold There’s a lot of grey in there but in general the shoe’s upper darkens from white to black as you look from the midsole to the upper. As was the common look on the old Air Max 95, every “layered’ strip on these kicks is a different color.

nike air max 95 grey Unlike the old model, however, those layered strips are now lightweight Hyperfuse material and the Air Max bubble has been revamped into a 360 bubble. Volt accents can be found on various spots around these 95s – around and on the laces, Nike branding, outsole, Air Max bubble structure, and on the sides of the upper.


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