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Jason Garrett press conference: Cowboys need to “keep banging away” in hopes of an interception It’s Tuesday of a game week that means head coach Jason Garrett addressed the media. Here’s what he had to say. (All Garrett answers are paraphrases of what he said and not direct quotes).Things are still up in the air with Terrance WilliamsThere’s been a cloud of doubt circling Terrance Williams for a few weeks now, what with a report that a suspension could be near. Williams was inactive for the first time ever this past Sunday, but we still don’t know much about his situation... or if there even is one.Jason Garrett said on Wednesday that Terrance was with the Cowboys on Tuesday and Wednesday, that he’s working through some issues off the field, and the team doesn’t know if he’ll practice on Wednesday.The Cowboys are going to see what’s up with Ezekiel ElliottZeke almost singlehandedly carried the team to victory on Sunday, and he was a little bit banged up in that effort. Garrett noted that the team would be monitoring him this week.David Irving is officially backJason Garrett noted that David Irving will be in full pads, but he also cautioned that the Cowboys have to be careful with a player that hasn’t played football in so long. Remember that Irving was not with the team at training camp so it’s been a long time since he was around this type of practice.Managing things at defensive tackle is just that, managingThe Cowboys have sustained injuries to Maliek Collins (who the Cowboys anticipate doing more) and Antwaun Woods so David Irving’s return comes at a great time. Jason Garrett did continue to note though that they were going to have to manage the position as a whole and that that’s just the way it is (shout out to Celine Dion).Cowboys need to “keep banging away” in hopes of an interceptionDallas is the only team in the NFL yet to record an interception on defense. They’re also last in the league in turnovers. That’s not great, Bob.Garrett discussed how turnovers and interceptions are a team thing, noting that they are a combination of rush in coverage. He talked about how sacks have a big impact Byron Jones Jersey Stitched , but consistent pressure to make the quarterback feel uncomfortable is where picks come from. He simply said the Cowboys have to keep emphasizing this when hoping for their first pick.Rico Gathers has been making “aggressive mistakes”This may sound like a bad thing, but Jason Garrett has always said that this is a compliment. He talks about how young players tend to slow down, but that’s not the case with Rico. Good to see for the young tight end.Deshaun Watson is a great football playerWhen asked about various players on the Houston Texans, Jason Garrett kept it Jason Garrett. He noted that Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, J.J. Watt, and Jadeveon Clowney are all great football players.Let’s hope not so great on Sunday night.The biggest thing for DeMarcus Lawrence has been staying healthyOne of the best parts about this young season has been seeing DeMarcus Lawrence build off of his impressive 2017 performance. When asked what the secret is, Jason Garrett talked about how they always knew there was something there even if the sample size was small. He continues to praise Tank’s preparation.Who will and won’t practice?Travis Frederick and Sean Lee won’t practice (obviously)Jeff Heath will be limitedThings are going to be taken slowly with David Irving Dallas is anticipating Maliek Collins to practice at least in a limited fashionZeke will at least be limited and might be moreDeMarcus Lawrence will be limited at the outset FRISCO, Texas (AP) — Day after day a little more than two years ago Youth Randy Gregory Jersey , Randy Gregory and Jaylon Smith worked behind the scenes while the Dallas Cowboys practiced, the defensive end and linebacker hoping to prove they would be worth the wait.Both were considered second-round gambles for vastly different reasons — Gregory because of a battle with substance abuse that eventually led to three suspensions, Smith because of a devastating left knee injury in his final college game.With the Cowboys (11-6) headed to a divisional playoff game Saturday night at the Los Angeles Rams (13-3) on a team with a defense-first identity, Gregory and Smith are looking more like second-round payoffs.“Y’all will never understand the hard work, the lonely nights … the dark days that those guys had to face through their trials and tribulations,” defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence said. “That’s why it’s so much passion in this locker room, mostly on the field when we play together. We feel like we all had our dark days.”For Gregory, the darkest days were in the months after his third suspension , a yearlong ban that also meant he couldn’t be around the team. The first two times he was suspended — for the first 14 games of the 2016 season — he could still work out with the Cowboys. That’s when the bond with Smith developed.For Smith, it wouldn’t be quite as accurate to say the days were dark because his bright outlook was one of the things that attracted the Cowboys to him during the draft process. The former Notre Dame standout couldn’t run or jump at the combine Randy Gregory Jersey Stitched , but he could flash a mesmerizing smile and talk hopefully about his future.While Gregory missed the 2017 season, Smith finally got on the field — but with mixed results as he continued playing with a brace designed to compensate for nerve damage in his left foot.This season, Gregory’s suspension was lifted. And Smith’s brace came off. Gregory, having missed 30 of 32 games over the previous two seasons, had six sacks after coming in with just one for his career. Smith took over as the play-calling leader in the middle of a top-10 defense.“It’s what makes us who we are,” Smith said. “Everyone has been through something in their life. Everyone has that edge and drive. Once you identify it and find it, you have to use it as fuel.”Gregory, who has turned down most interview requests this season, was drafted late in the second round in 2015 out of Nebraska, sliding out of a projected spot high in the first round because of off-field concerns. He tested positive for marijuana at the combine.After saying he wanted to make good on a promise to owner and general manager Jerry Jones to stay clean Youth Ibraheim Campbell Jersey , Gregory made it through his rookie year without a suspension. He missed four games with an ankle injury and didn’t have a sack.Gregory’s first sack came in the 2016 regular-season finale, just before the yearlong suspension was announced. He waited an extra six months to apply for reinstatement to improve his chances. Letters from teammates, including safety Jeff Heath, were part of the application.The 26-year-old Gregory occasionally misses practice in the middle of the week for trips to NFL-mandated checkups, along with frequent drug testing.“It’s not one of those things where he got reinstated so now he could relax,” Heath said. “He still has to work his butt off to be able to help us out on game days. Everybody loves him. That’s one of the reasons why it was so easy to write that letter because it was just the truth.”Smith went early in the second round a year after Gregory, with the Cowboys all but certain he wouldn’t play as a rookie because of the injury sustained in the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State.While there were concerns whether Smith would even play in the NFL, Dallas was confident because team physician Dr. Dan Cooper performed the surgery. And the Cowboys trusted their training staff to stick with the painstaking rehab.Smith’s return was celebrated as a major milestone, but his struggles left lingering doubts while the Cowboys missed the playoffs a year after an NFC-best 13 wins.The 23-year-old’s playmaking in his second season on the field has erased many of those doubts. Case in point: Smith’s 69-yard fumble return for a touchdown in a win over Tampa Bay that clinched the NFC East for Dallas. By the way, Gregory caused the fumble with that sixth sack.“Ultimately where those guys have come from and where they are now has everything to do with them Ibraheim Campbell Jersey Stitched , the drive, the determination they’ve had to have great careers,” coach Jason Garrett said. “Both have different stories, but I think that’s the underlying theme.”They aren’t finished trying to prove their worth.

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