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The Alliance of American Football signed Johnny Manziel to a standard player contract Saturday. The only question was where the Heisman Trophy winner would play.We now have the answer. Manziel is headed to Memphis to play for the Express.The San Antonio Commanders owned his college allocation rights since he played at Texas A&M. The Commanders Joe Thomas Jersey 2019 , though, released his rights, passing on a top draw as he grew up only 65 miles from San Antonio. That means Manziel passed through the waiver system, and the league’s worst team, the 1-5 Memphis Express, claimed him with the first choice. The Express had quarterback Zach Mettenberger go down with an injury Saturday. Memphis seems a perfect fit for Manziel, with strong infrastructure and support system under no-nonsense coach Mike Singletary.鈥淲e are pleased to welcome Johnny Manziel to Alliance of American Football, which we鈥檝e always described as a league of opportunity for talented players to launch or revitalize their pro football careers Orange Denzel Ward Jersey ,” Bill Polian, co-founder and head of football for The Alliance, said Saturday night. “We completed extensive background work to determine whether it would be appropriate for Johnny to play this season, and after consulting with many people familiar with his situation, we concluded that it would be good for him to resume his pro football career here at The Alliance.“The San Antonio Commanders have released his college allocation rights, and The Memphis Express have claimed him. He will report to Memphis tomorrow, where we all believe he鈥檒l benefit from the coaching and mentorship of Mike Singletary.鈥滿anziel, 26 Denzel Ward Jersey 2019 , is trying to revive his career after failed stops in the NFL and the CFL. Kareem Hunt of the Cleveland Browns was notified Friday that he has been suspended without pay for the Browns鈥?first eight regular season games for violations of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy in connection with physical altercations at his residence in Cleveland last February and at a resort in Ohio last June.Hunt was placed on the Commissioner Exempt list on November 30 and was released by his former club, the Kansas City Chiefs, that same day.聽 The findings followed a detailed investigation by the NFL, which included reviewing available law enforcement records, video and electronic communications, interviews with numerous witnesses, and multiple interviews with Hunt.Hunt has advised the league office that he accepts responsibility for his conduct and the discipline that has been imposed.聽 He has committed to take advantage of available resources to help him grow personally and as a member of the Cleveland community, and to live up to his obligations as an NFL player.The eight-game suspension will take effect as of the final roster reduction on August 31.聽 Hunt will be eligible to play in the Browns鈥?ninth regular season game.Browns RB Kareem Hunt on NFL suspension:鈥淚 want to again apologize for my actions last year. I know that my behavior hurt a lot of people Orange Nick Chubb Jersey , and I again apologize to them. I respect the league鈥檚 decision on discipline, and I appreciate the time I spent with Commissioner Goodell last week. I鈥檓 grateful for my time with the Browns over the last month and thankful to all the people in the organization that have welcomed me. I also appreciate all of the support I received from my union through this process. My commitment to earning the trust of the league, my teammates, the organization and this community through my actions will continue, and I understand there is a lot of hard work ahead of me before I鈥檓 able to fully return to playing the game I love.鈥?/em>(Cleveland Browns press release)

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