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This past week there has been a fair amount of bellyaching about the Cleveland Browns’ hotshot rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield.Of course it wasn’t enough that Mayfield had just tossed four touchdown passes (to four different receivers with no INTs) he also apparently needed to pretend that his former (and historically terrible) head coach Hue Jackson didn’t tamp down his development just before going on a scorched-earth media tour which preceded his going to our division rival.Baker was expected to hug it out anyway or else face accusations of immaturity (and worse). I get into all this in the Thursday Ez Does It.Generally speaking I don’t have much care what media types think about our situation Cleveland Browns Sheldrick Redwine Jersey , but in this instance I’m pretty great with a continuance of the complaining.Baker Mayfield is throwing down one of the most impressive rookie seasons for a QB as has ever been.It’s not just the (off the charts) talent, or even the legendary drive associated with being the only walk-on to (start an FBS opener as a true freshman or) win the Heisman.It’s also his ability to elevate the play of those around him, which seems have started the moment ‘ol Hue was sent packing. However when the media tear into him for his completely logical and understandable reactions, it only serves to fuel a team already fully bought-in to Mayfield as the unquestioned team leader.It galvanizes a locker room and reinforces the ‘us-vs-the-world’ rallying cry.It’s obnoxiously wrong and lacking in perspective but it helps our cause so I’m great with it continuing.I hope Colin Cowherd keeps pretending he doesn’t see what he’s seeing.In fact his shtick is so worn thin that support has come even from a division rival player (and former Sooner teammate)That Baker got a player from Baltimore to defend him is over the top awesome in it’s own right Cheap Sheldrick Redwine Youth Jersey , and that’s just a footnote in the saga.However it does illustrate how much every teammate he’s ever had absolutely LOVES him.When his current comrades see all this nonsense, ESPECIALLY when they were in that locker room when Hue was running it and thus don’t need anyone to tell them how things were, it draws the team together even more, and rallies them behind said hotshot rookie quarterback.Speaking of Hue Womens Sheldrick Redwine 2019 Jersey , here’s the story I cite at the beginning of this ‘cast:Hue Jackson’s final meeting with TV crew reveals how broken the Browns were before he got fired (Yahoo)Appreciate feedback in the comments’ section, thanks for listening! Former undrafted free agent has spent his four-year NFL career with the Houston Texans."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Daily Dawg ChowRufio’s PlaybookBrowns sign offensive tackle Kendall LammNew,25commentsFormer undrafted free agent has spent his four-year NFL career with the Houston Texans.EDTShareTweetShareShareBrowns sign offensive tackle Kendall LammShanna Lockwood-USA TODAY SportsThe Cleveland Browns continued to work on their offensive line depth on Friday with the signing of free agent tackle Kendall Lamm.The deal is reportedly for two years and slightly more than $7 million, according to The Houston Chronicle. However Orange Ozzie Newsome Jersey , Spotrac is reporting the deal is two years for $4.5 million, which includes a $600,000 signing bonus. Either way, the Browns did not exactly break the bank to sign Lamm.Lamm has spent his four-year NFL career with the Houston Texans Ozzie Newsome Jersey 2019 , who signed him as an undrafted free agent out of Appalachian State in 2015. He played in 55 games with the Texans, making 24 starts - including 13 last season at right tackle.It was his first season as a full-time starter and Lamm had to deal with some off-field family issues, as he explained to Aaron Wilson at The Houston Chronicle:Houston allowed a league-high 62 sacks last season, which may explain why Lamm was available in free agency. And Sean Pendergast of the Houston Press was not as enthusiastic about Lamm’s season:The Lamm signing comes a day after the Browns signed veteran offensive guard Eric Kush to a contract.

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