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The Browns are one of eight teams who could face the Patriots on SNF in Week 1."After not being good enough to play on Sunday Night Football for so long Ozzie Newsome Jersey 2019 , could the Cleveland Browns end up playing their in Week 1 of the 2019 season? They at least have a shot.At the NFL meetings this week, it was announced that in celebration of the league’s 100th season, the rivalry between the Packers and the Bears would kick off the season on Thursday Night Football, as opposed to the defending Super Bowl Champions getting that honor. The Patriots will play on Sunday Night Football in Week 1. Their opponent? To be determined.That means we are down to 8 teams who could be the Patriots’ opponent in Week 1, including the Browns, who face New England on the road in 2019. The other teams that play in New England this years are the Chiefs, Steelers, Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Giants Orange Joe Thomas Jersey , and Cowboys.Now, it’s far from a guarantee that Cleveland would get that slot. As far as teams unlikely to get it, I think you can take the Dolphins and Bills out of the equation. A fun narrative can be written for everyone else. Even the Giants, who tore apart their team, can go with the “two Super Bowls that Eli Manning beat Brady for” storyline.The Chiefs vs. Patriots would be more of a proven marquee match-up. But what about the Browns? We know the country is invested in them, so we’ll see what the league decides when the schedule comes out in a few weeks. Even if the Browns don’t get the coveted Week 1 slot, they are still expected to be featured in at least four prime time games in 2019. General manager rising along with the Browns after a busy offseason."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Daily Dawg ChowRufio’s PlaybookJohn Dorsey a top 4 GM, per NFL.comNew,20commentsGeneral manager rising along with the Browns after a busy offseason.EDTShareTweetShareShareJohn Dorsey a top 4 GM, per NFL.comBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsCleveland Browns general manager has experienced little free time since the close of the 2018 NFL regular season. In his second offseason rebuilding the Browns, Dorsey has swung a deal for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Joe Thomas Jersey 2019 , opened up a potential starting role for guard Austin Corbett, added another pass rusher in defensive end Olivier Vernon, a force in the middle in defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, and provided a boost to the running game with running back Kareem Hunt (once his eight-game suspension is finished, that is).All those moves, combined with the work that Dorsey did in the 2017 offseason in drafting quarterback Baker Mayfield, cornerback Denzel Ward and running back Nick Chubb, has elevated Dorsey to the No. 4 spot (up 13 slots) on Gregg Rosenthal’s GM Power Rankings at NFL.com:We’re not so sure we agree with the part about longterm work being overrated, but it is hard to argue with the work that Dorsey has done overall during his time with the Browns. From finally solving the quarterback problem, to getting owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam to see the truth about former head coach Hue Jackson, Dorsey has been on a roll.He is also in pretty good company on the list Orange Denzel Ward Jersey , as the only general managers ranked ahead of him are Kevin Colbert of the Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 3), Howie Roseman of the Philadelphia Eagles (No. 2) and Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots (No. 1).Dorsey will have another opportunity to show his prowess this weekend at the 2019 NFL Draft, which opens on Thursday night with the first round. The Browns are currently without a first-round selection because of the Beckham trade, but have picks in round two (No. 49), round three (No. 80), round four (No. 119), round five (Nos. 144, 155 and 170), round six (No. 189) and round seven (No. 221).

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